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MoreSpace Folder Compression

Developer: Andras Porffy
4.99 USD

Save disk space with MoreSpace HFS+ folder compression without creating compressed archive files.

HFS+ compressed files will remain at their original location and can be used as before. With MoreSpace applied HFS+ compression there is no need to create separate compressed archive files.

MoreSpace app using Apple HFS+ compression technology was introduced in OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. This compression method also used by Apple to reduce size of OS X system files.

OS X will automatically decompress HFS+ compressed files on access, there is no need to manually extract them. When the compressed file(s) being modified or copied, OS X will store them uncompressed.

Finder will show the original (uncompressed) file size of HFS+ compressed files, the occupied space difference shown in MoreSpace app and free space available value in Finder.

MoreSpace functions:

◦ Add Folder: Apply compression to selected folders and its subfolders
◦ Compress Mail: Open and select Mail folder and apply compression to mailboxes
◦ Refresh: Check compressed folder and reapply compression to modified and new files
◦ Decompress: Decompress all HFS+ compressed files in folder and remove from list

MoreSpace features

HFS+ compression has the best effect on uncompressed file formats like text and data documents, databases and mailboxes. A typical Mail mailbox size can be reduced up to 50%.

File types that already compressed, like jpeg, compressed videos, zip archives will be not compressed by MoreSpace.

MoreSpace will show the list of compressed folders compressed by MoreSpace.

When you start MoreSpace it will scan previously compressed folders, and will detect changes. It will follow folders moved within the same volume.

If you copy compressed files to another folder or volume, they will be uncompressed at new location.

Compressed files can be shared on network.